Library Services offers 14 group study rooms in the Jackson Library building for reservation. Each space can be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours at a time. Reservations are made online with a Lander University email address and will have to be confirmed before a space is reserved.

Room Reservation Policies

  • Eligibility: Room reservations must be booked online using a Lander University email address ( and must be confirmed before a space is reserved. Our priority is providing study space for current undergraduate and graduate students of Lander University.
  • Availability of rooms: Study rooms will be open only when the library is open and staffed. In addition to the 14 reservable study rooms, the library has first-come, first-served group study rooms available in 237-238, 337-338, and 317 (Screenwriter’s Room). 
  • Duration of reservation: Library users may reserve up to 3 hours per day.
  • Minimum room capacities: Groups must meet the minimum number of people listed to reserve each group study room:
    • 231 (Jackson Conference Room): At least 6 people
    • 236: At least 2 people
    • 239: At least 2 people
    • 241: At least 4 people
    • 242: At least 4 people
    • 303: At least 4 people
    • 305: At least 4 people
    • 306: At least 2 people
    • 307: At least 4 people
    • 331: At least 2 people
    • 336: At least 2 people
    • 339: At least 2 people
  • Noise levels: Our study rooms are NOT soundproof, and many are located next to Silent or Quiet Study Areas. Users must keep voices and noise very low in these rooms. Collaborative study space is available on the top floor in the LOFT and Green Room.
  • Late arrivals: If a library user officially reserves a room, they maintain the right to use that room for the duration of their reservation. The room may be used, if vacant, on a first-come, first-served basis until the reserver arrives, at which time it must be vacated immediately.
  • Unreserved slots: If a study room is not officially reserved, library users are allowed to use it on a first-come, first-served basis. Library users without a reservation must immediately vacate the room if a library user who has a reservation arrives.

Unsuitable conduct in the study rooms will result in the revocation of reservation privileges.